03 March 2011

TesseracT Studio produces Free Frequency

DJ Zoi kicks off this great compilation with a clear message: Cosmology. The sample is heard on the brilliant first track Day of Illusion by Kliment. And this is how Free Frequency begins. The roots of the compilation are placed in a series of progressive psytrance events in Greece.

The comp is dominated by artists Flegma, Nerso and Zyce who take part in more than half of the tracks. As you would expect some tracks edge on progressive house whilst other remind more of psychedelic trance.

Some of the best tracks are: Walk the Line by Flegma, Nerso & Zyce. The techno tune Who Attacks Me by Ectima, possibly best track and Flux by Zen Mechanics, Flegma & Nerso.

Other artists include Sideform, Middle Mode and E-Clip.

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