16 December 2010

Magus release new album in 2011

Magus - Remixes
According to the artists from Greece, the album is a collection of older and previously unreleased tracks of the Magus era. Some will be pure psychedelic trance but there is also evidence of progressive psytrance, whilst the group was going through several musical transformations.

More when the release is in the shops.

05 June 2010

Phacelift - Fantasy Land

Phacelift have released 'Fantasy Land' exclusively online on iTunes and other music download stores. This track was available to download from the artist's website but now a new re-mastered version is available to download online.

Fantasy Land is a minimal progressive morning track with a steady pace and selective sounds. It retains a strong psychedelic element with some odd voice sampling and some off-beat melodies.

Download with iTunes.