25 July 2005

Download unreleased tracks

A new download section has been added to the Phacelift website. The page features a preview of the new track "Rythm Selector" fresh from the Disco Deaf studios.
More downloads from all the other projects to come soon...

18 July 2005

They don't only grow sheep in New Zealand

They also produce some kick ass progressive trance and serve it with a great website.

I am talking about Antix and their superb flash offering at www.antixmusic.co.nz. Check out the video section. Some very cool stuff from the maisters of progressive in kiwi land.

Nice one chaps

15 July 2005

Son Kite website

If you haven't already checked the Son Kite website then do it now. Apart from the beautiful backgrounds they have a fantastic picture section where you will find many usual suspects like the Iboga gang.


03 July 2005

Open Directory

I am very happy and proud to announce that I became an editor of dmoz the Open Directory Project that is dedicated in creating and categorising a rich comprehensive database of all the useful internet resources. I am going to be editing the psychedelic trance category so any of you with great websites drop me an email to review your website.

For more information on the dmoz Open Directory Project click here