25 March 2011

Lish are miles away

You probably know what to expect from the Danish Iboga records by now. The latest album from Lish, Miles Away is no exception.

The impeccable style,a fantastic production and the usual progressive beats makes this one of the best releases in 2011 to date. Iboga hits back with an album from Lior Maimon and Shay Tiab aka Lish, that push the boundaries yet again. Progressive trance meets tech and funky house, with deep melodies and trippy sounds completing the picture.

16 March 2011

Riktam and Bansi in surprise Constructor business

The word on everyone's lips has to be "Who would have thought so?" or "What the hell?" or something similar. Riktam and Bansi the pillion of psychedelic trance through their G.M.S. outfit, in a shock move, a 360o U-point turn. Betraying every hardcore psy trancers' ideals they present Constructor, a progressive trance album.

What might be even more surprising for many, is that Plastic Park records, the German label on the progressive front of trance music is stepping in and presenting this to the masses. 

Truly fascinating stuff, now let's see if music has no boundaries...

12 March 2011

Haldolium Glow in the Dark

It is a new year and a new direction for the mighty Haldolium. More progressive than ever the brand new 2011 album GLW/DRK or Glow in the Dark is venturing into anthemic patterns with big melodies and imposing baselines.

The beats and percussion are strong but always verging on the progressive. Penetrating hi-hats and strong snares make up for a solid base. There is a small dose of psychedelic element mixed in and the overall feeling is deep rather than dark. Many familiar sounds from the past mixed with new arrangements give a retro impression with euro trance echoes without sounding old.

03 March 2011

TesseracT Studio produces Free Frequency

DJ Zoi kicks off this great compilation with a clear message: Cosmology. The sample is heard on the brilliant first track Day of Illusion by Kliment. And this is how Free Frequency begins. The roots of the compilation are placed in a series of progressive psytrance events in Greece.

The comp is dominated by artists Flegma, Nerso and Zyce who take part in more than half of the tracks. As you would expect some tracks edge on progressive house whilst other remind more of psychedelic trance.