20 January 2006

Aqua Progressive Soul Glider

The progressive trance scene celebrates another notable release by Aqua. The new compilation titled Soul Glider features some dancefloor monsters.

'Little Sisters' by Minilogue is rockin high with a crystal clear production and a well thought-out groove.
Chris Micalis You Win mix on 'Vaportrail' by the Baggage Handlers also stands out with its mellodic shine and nicely built percussion.
Madoca win the electro-tech competition with a break-driven 'Drift' but D-Nox and Beckers deliver the mega-monster here in a dirty funk trance mayhem called 'Day After'.

Other artists here include: Fitalic, Formulate, Murat Uncuoglu and Motion 040.


08 January 2006

Progressive Joyride

Candyflip records returns in 2006 with 'Joyride', a progressive trance compilation by the label's head of A&R DJ Stratos.

There are more than a few established names here and lots of surprises from the Greek Candyflip DJ.

Trance legend James Monroe opens up with the atmospheric break-beat Locked In. A slow remix from Antix on Freq vs B. Hartless follows building up nicely.

The more upbeat Blue Shape from Gio Red takes you to deeper progressive trance waters giving way to the Last Score by Greek progressive outfit Drone.

Motion take things to electro with their inspirational Hesitation followed by a dirtier funky groove in My Number One by D-Nox and Beckers.

The album's surprise is an Atmos track remixed by Argentinian trance maestro Hernan Cattaneo and J. Tonks. The rich and complex texture fits Hernan Cattaneo's DJ mixes like a glove.

Another unexpected offering Joyride comes from progressive side-project Influq. You might have never heard of them but does Wizzy Noise sound more familiar?
Its a very good track with great production and enough to keep you on the dancefloor.

Last but not least comes the electro-break Vintage Strain from Flame on Hire. A great finish to a great album.
You can experience the music in your car, your bedroom and the dancefloor and it will always leave its unique quality mark on your ears.

Happy 2006!