15 September 2005

Danish Delight

Iboga records has just announced all it's upcoming releases for the end of the year.
Emok and Jeppe have been up to no good all summer, as usual :)

Most importanlty I hear that they have formed a new distribution channel called Two Hands. With Iboga, Digital Structures, Sofa Beats and Tropical Beats signing up this might mean an end to the distribution problems faced by one too many labels in the progressive trance and progressive psytrance scene.
Well done guys, may the force be with you.

Here is the list of great releases coming up:
September – IbogaCD32 - Phony Oprhants – It Cetra:
October – IbogaCD33 - Set: 6 – Compiled by FREq
October - SofaBeats02 – Oliver Jones Album
November – IbogaCD34 – Antix & Phony Oprhants remixes

Oh, don't forget the competition

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