19 February 2006

Trance Inception

Groove Control records has released a progressive tech-trance compilation titled Inception.

Lots of fantastic tracks here, well written and properly built in true deep progressive fashion. Solid grooves Go Swiftly from Brisker and Magitman followed by Sharon and Robert's minimal atmospheric Desire.
A more percussive galloping Flame on Fire declare that Science is God with Pharam & Dominic Plaza going deeper, minimal and subliminal just Once.
After all that the Tone is set even darker by Snake Sedrick only to be confirmed by Shuma's Technology.
Brisker and Magitman return with a strong remix on a Andre Absolut track called ElevenT1.
But try to Hold On until the end because Groove Control save a great progressive anthem for the finish. Manuel Duego delivers a phat and phunky tune that fits anywhere, anytime.

If you like deep and minimal, this is the one!

12 February 2006

Progressive Hibernation

Iboga is back in 2006 with Hibernation, a compilation CD with some of the usual but also very unusual suspects.

James Monro and Dickster kick off with a strong full rhythm Wash out. Yotopia keep things interesting enough with Newborn. Out of the Blue Morax takes things deeper psy-progressive followed by a minimal dry groove called R.I.S.E. by Ace Ventura. Pimpin hot and to the point.

The surprise here is a scandal collaboration between Anna Hefetz (Annarchy), Dick Trevor (Green Nuns of the Revolution) and George Barker (Slinky Wizard) titled Eargate.

A deep tribal number by Sun Control Species and a dirty progressive groove by Elegant Universe put an end to this CD compiled by Yuli Fershtat.

Iboga progs!

Plusquam Trance Kodama

Plusquam compilations tend to set the new standard for the harder side of progressive trance.

Decoy gets things going here with Cat Magic in his unique minimal style. Sentient keeps up the pace with a harder and darker Dissolve. Freq delivers a strong (but not so innovative) Sunglider.
Bitmonx vs Fabio roll out a tough groove named Deep Sense followed by Earsugar's Foretaste.

Let me take a pause here and present the best track of this compilation. Fitalic comes up with another progressive trance monster with the title My Destiny. Strong groove, deep rolling bass line and an unforgiving repetative rhythm. Simply amazing.

The compilation by Japanese label DJ Satoshi Aoyagi comes to an end with Ryan Halifax and Andre Absolut.

Whilst this is not the best CD from the Plusquam label, it's a must for all those who like their progressive music bordering with psytrance.

Deep, dark and dirty

If you are into heavy tribal house then Deep, Dark and Dirty from Moth won't let you down. The A-side from The Underground Sound of Madrid record label contains Himalaya. A constant beat with some heavy tribal undertones driving and pounding all the way through, this is a dancefloor winner.

The B side Deep, Dark and Dirty is a different style alltogether. There is a melodic base here with some subliminal chanting that makes this track ideal for the morning vibes.

Pink is the new black

Marc O Tool is back with a twisted complex anthemic new 12 inch on Electribe records titled Pink is the new Black. The A side is a hypnotic groove accompanied by bleeps and shrieks. This progressive tune is definetly one for the patient and hard-to-lose night crowd.

The flip side contains Dancie Rampage. A cleaner and more four-to-the-floor afair with a sweet piano reference.

Another quality release from Marc O Tool.