23 October 2005

Bitshift Live in Kiel

BitShift are Till Schauder and Tommy Exner.
After a while of producing and Djing, they created their unique style of music which is a combination of different influences from electronic music.

They appear alongside Sangeet (Spirit Zone), Burner (Beat Head), Symos, Neo and Solid on the 3rd of December in Kiel, Germany.

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15 October 2005

Flow celebrates birthday

Flow records celebrated its 5th year in progressive psytrance with a new compilation and a party in Lisbon on the 8th of October. Some great new tracks from Expander, Echotek, Filur, Yotopia, D-Tector and Tranan.

Two tracks really stand out. First comes Bad Behind from Antix with the expected full production and warm sounds from the Kiwi maisters.

Towards the end of the compilation Swiss progressives XV Kilist & Rocco come back with a monster of a progressive trance track called Sex, Drugs and Robbydogs. It has been a while I heard one of their new tracks and I have to say that I am really impressed, to put it mildly. Can't get it out of my head. Must listen, must play!

Happy birthday

08 October 2005

Nervine records Groove control

This new compilation by Nervine records feaures some really good tracks from both new and more established progressive trance acts.
The tracks that really stand out come from Beckers, Robert and a stormer from Thomas Penton. His unmistakable production with a deep melodic bass groove makes his track the best of this comp and one that will be featured extensively in DJ sets this year. Other contributors include The Fanky Badgers, Fitalic, Nokas, Gift and Space Safari.

Worth buying!

03 October 2005

DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ's competition 2005

Top notch DJ Magazine has just launched its new Top 100 DJ's for 2005 worldwide competition.
This is your chance to vote for your favourite DJ's in 2005 and make a difference!

If you give them your mobile number they will text you the results as they are announced!

Happy voting!