23 July 2006

Progressive ZOOM

Zoom festival 2006If you are looking for a cool progressive and minimal trance line up this summer try the open air ZOOM festival in Winterthur Töss, Switzerland.
The party starts at the 12th of August and features some of the best names in the scene.

Live artists include Ticon from Digital Structures, D-Nox and Beckers, Andre Absolut, Solead and V-Tunes from Domo.
Some great DJs playing this year so make sure you catch Plusquam prog legend Mapusa Mapusa, Beckers, Steve Active, Meta, Shimono, B52 and many others.

Have fun!

18 July 2006

Freq goes sub with Iboga

Gosub 20 - Freq on Iboga recordsFreq always had the talent of raising a few eyebrows with his music and production quality. So it comes of no surprise to see him delivering yet another high quality album.
Iboga who managed to snatch him early on, present his latest album Gosub 20.

The album kicks off with Brazil (brush mix) which is slow, calm and smooth, like a starter. Space Noodle progresses into more familiar upbeat patterns next. The familiar Freq leads are in action here.
Silent Circuits follows to lift the mood by starting to explore a more sophisticated sound with the leads and the beats in sync.
Byte Me is more aggressive (as the title suggests) and introduces a galloping bassline with some familiar trance elements.
Stone Shaker keeps up the pace with hard hats and tight percussion. There is a night feel slowly creeping in.
Beatstreet a personal favourite comes next. High energy progressive music with fresh sound ideas, strong kick with matching bassline and cool effects sweeping in and out. Best track by far.
What A Feeling? keeps the pace with some more fresh progressive melodies and the bass dragging along a great beat. Getting closer to progressive house here.
Singularity (Part 2) fails to impress as much but is still a well structured and cleanly produced art piece.
The album finishes with the ambient Aisha. Atmospheric music, to relax the brain with eclectic calming waves of sound.

Overall this is a good album. It would be even better if it maintained the levels of Beatstreet and What A Feeling?, that really demonstrate Freq’s ability to morph and change his sound.

Thanks Iboga.

09 July 2006

Minimal Criminal Rio

Minimal CriminalIf you are looking for some cool unreleased minimal trance check out Mininal Criminal. Rio de Janeiro based Dj's Valerio Zhyin and Bruno Echoes have interesting things to say with their music. Also try to find some of their latest releases on Zenon and Cosmin Consiracy records. This is fresh and well produced minimal progressive psy-trance.

Track previews
More here.

01 July 2006

Headstick serves Progressive Greek Gourmet

Heastick records Gourmet Vol1Stronger than ever before Headstick records is back with an all Greek progressive trance dish. Served on the rocks or straight on the beat, this compilation will please even the most demanding ears.

There is an electro influence throughout the CD starting with the patiently powerful Stereo Glass by 9West. The textures are complex but the progression piping hot with a sweaty club atmosphere. Not much sauce as the chef would have ordered.
Right next Dima challenge your taste buds with Head On, a slightly darker, dragging rhythm that implodes into a classic prog trance tune.

Well known Drone delve deep in their progressive side with Hanging Out At Night. Drone really know how to cook a great track and this is no exception. Electro influenced with a fat creamed up bassline and lots of spice on top.
The first collaboration sees the working of In A Dood Mood between Damod and Vagua. A patient affair with a steady build up to gourmet heaven.
Things go even more eclectic with the addition of Gio Red preparing Agressive. This a dish served cold in the morning with lots of smiles and anthemic feelings in the air.
Midnight Pulse have Resolve boiling in your ears. Another progressive track that keeps you dancing throughout the morning leaving you hungry for more.

If deep erotic melodies are your thing, Kijj by Neomatic does not dissapoint. It has that unmistakable Ibiza feel combined with a stripped down energetic beat and uplifting percussion.
The progressive trance maestro is back Searching. Vagua deliver an extremely pleasing sound straight from the oven. Some of the best the Greek cuisine has to offer. The style is fat bass and strong rhythms with the melodies torturing your soul and swinging body.
Some great music here and the last track from Atropa titled Wanga Tanga is cooking. A little more laid back than the other tunes in this compilation but still sounds passionate and resourceful enough to take you on a final journey.

If Heastick did restaurants I would be a regular, this is for sure, but most importanlty the label manages to discover the most talented chefs in the Hellenic progressive trance scene with worldwide appeal.

Guys the service was great but you forgot the tzatziki.

Preview and buy from Saiko sounds or Psyshop