17 October 2009

Blue Tunes back with Amarasya Vol 4

Blue Tunes Recordings label founders Montagu & Golkonda present Amarasya Vol 4 in the end of 2009. They are dropping some big names into the mix and this is worth a listen.

Things kick off by Audiomatic & Phaxe in a very atmospheric and melodic 'Digital Technology'. Great production.
Veteran Sven Snug appears with an anthemic tune 'Your Eyes' bringing us back to the loved trance of the 90s. Well done and with a big production.
Symphonix deliver a hypnotic 'Orange' for those sweaty morning spots. Big  track. Next Suntree remix 'Cardiac Arrest' by Ace Ventura with their more upbeat and psychedelic style.

11 October 2009

Traffic 2 Echoes Progressive Trance

DJ Zombi has put together this collection of progressive tunes under Traffic 2 on Echoes Records.

Astronivo starts on a nice techy path with 'In My Space' and Lisboa and Petrucci continue with an aesthetic remix of 'Sky9' by Minigame.
Alter Breed deliver a nicely structured 'Monophone'.

Next Khainz remixes 'Just Move It Up'  by Astronivo vs DJ Zombi, to produce one of the best tracks in this trance compilation. Very funky vocal and percussion.

01 October 2009

Never too late for progressive Summer Vibes

FreeAnce (Free-Style-Trance) debut compilation has a lot of vibes, summery yes, but that does not mean it cannot warm your heart in those cold winter days that follow. There is a wide range of new progressive artists with a funky cutting edge trance style that many would like. All in brand new Summer Vibes.

An epic house feeling is lurking in the background of the artists influences and the music touches psychedelic edges but does not fully indulge, keeping things most progressive with the exception of powerful guitar driven Mindelight's Morning Light, remixed by Airnan.

26 September 2009

Kaempfer & Dietze remixes with Shear Force

A noteworthy remix CD from of the successful tune Shear Force by German producers Kaempfer and Dietze from a variety of artists, all giving the song their own individual sonic flavour.

You can find some great tracks here but in no uncertainty the remix by Leif Hatfield stands out for it's force, depth and complex structure, strangely enough it is also the one closest to the original. Together with Jay Selway, they deliver the two strongest tracks for your collection. Jay Selway's version adds considerable depth with some more night-time sinister melodies that really have an impact.

01 June 2009

New launch for progressivetrance.net

Worth checking out one of the most informed sites about progressive trance on the web. They have a new design but also loads of additional record label profiles and you can now vote for your favourite DJ. The results are published online in real time so you can find the top DJs. There are links to their discography and online shops to buy their record and mp3 files.

It seems that new info is being added all the time so worth going back and checking for new stuff. Shame it will not let you vote for more than one DJ per day but hope they will fix that in the near future.

prOgressive trance netwOrk