27 April 2006

Progressive Techno Trance

Rewired by Jester records redefines progressive techno trance as we know it. Minimalistic hard beats with dark undertones and euphoric melodies.

Canadian Jester's DJ Clown presents a blend of techno-trance artists from the well known Three Point Turn, Authentic and Spirallianz to talents such as DJ Preach, Nuclear Ramjet, Kali Frogz, Triac, Tao, Metalogic, Hidra, Toltech and Axiomata.

Tho dark melodic anthems stand out. Les 3 Machines from Authentic loops into a deep techno-trance spiral with the melody reminding of Carl Cox's darkest hours and BP Talk from Spirallianz with its utopian soundscapes and new age acid house influence.