28 June 2005

Magus remixes compilation review

I spotted the first review for the Magus remixes compilation. Here is what it says about Egoes out - Phacelift rmx

"The song is a bit faster than his earlier works and let me tell you, it works quite well. Like it could be expected the production is complex, tightly orchestrated and bumpin’ alright. I have not heard the original version as I mentioned, but I can feel the older leads hinting some aspects of the original production."

Post by RAH on psynews.org and sonic-energy.net

20 June 2005

Candyflip going proAgressive

The world has gone sane. Candyflip records is going all progressive?
I always considered Candyflip a progressive label, despite the fact that the sound they were outputting was not always progressive. To my delight though, my spies inform me that the guys are rethinking the unthinkable...going all the way.
I do not expect this to be a quick transition, it is however a move to the right direction.

Magus remixes out now

You can now preview all the Magus tracks in Psyshop. Please notice that Phacelift has been misspelled as Facelift. Many of their tracks are also available on the Magus Youtube channel.

Watch out for news on the new album.

19 June 2005

New Igneous Sauria album on the rocks

Very reliable sources tell me that Christos is preparing a new Igneous Sauria album. A release date has not been set as the album is still in progress, however September will see a string of releases from the Headstick stable, possibly including the label's first compilation.
Watch this space for more news...

17 June 2005

Headstick releases 'Magus remixes' comp

Phacelift is back with a deep but hard retrospective remix of a Magus track titled 'Egoes out' initially released by Flow records. The track is part of the 'Magus remixes' compilation, brought to you by Headstick recordings.The artist list remixing some of Magus' best tracks features Man Made Man, Bigwigs, Genetic Spin, Sensient, Phacelift, La Baaz, Dj Seth, Bar Code and Chris' own Igneous Sauria.
Should hit the record stores in a few days. For those of you who are old 'Magus' fans, you shall not be disappointed. This is potent hard stuff, full on psychedelic trance with a twist.

Progressive art

"Progressive art can assist people to learn not only about the objective forces at work in the society in which they live, but also about the intensely social character of their interior lives. Ultimately, it can propel people toward social emancipation."
Salvador Dali