29 April 2011

Progressive Antimateria from Nuuktal

The second compilation from Nuuktal records from Cuernavaca in Mexico, is even stronger than the first.  
Antimateria was compiled by F-Zero and features 8 thumping progressive trance tunes.

Apart from good productions all round, the music demonstrates an ability to convey emotion, something not always found in electronic dance music.
The pace is on the slow side giving the tracks enough room for bass sounds.

12 April 2011

Phacelift - Fantasy Land

Featuring samples of friends voices, Fantasy Land is a steady build up track for the morning progressive stage. Slow and patient, perfect for those hours that you  are tired but want to keep on dancing, at a lower pace.

This is true progressive psytrance track with a strong psychedelic element and prog rhythms. There is a few sounds constantly dancing around the speakers, yet the arrangement is still minimalistic and relatively simple.

01 April 2011

I Love You, Who are you Ticon?

Iboga records presents the latest album by Ticon (previously on Digital Structures). The band is releasing music again after 3 years of inactivity and what an album they have in store for us.

A bonus CD with Ticon remixes from established artists as well as other artists remixing Ticon tracks is included to complete a monster 19 track release. 

Ticon depart their usual lightweight psychedelic trance style and perform a U-turn to more progressive, techno and even tech-house sounds.