01 April 2011

I Love You, Who are you Ticon?

Iboga records presents the latest album by Ticon (previously on Digital Structures). The band is releasing music again after 3 years of inactivity and what an album they have in store for us.

A bonus CD with Ticon remixes from established artists as well as other artists remixing Ticon tracks is included to complete a monster 19 track release. 

Ticon depart their usual lightweight psychedelic trance style and perform a U-turn to more progressive, techno and even tech-house sounds.
With super hits such as Balkan Tourist and Retreat to Retro, the catchy Blow my Horn, mind-blowing The Programmer, progressive driver The Glue, housey Miss 11pm and the funny Banking Karma there is something truly for everyone. 

There is plenty of new music here but you can also smell the influence from the morning psychedelic Ticon tracks of the past so some old fans will be pleased. Overall though this is an experimentation to a new direction so Ticon will be making lots of new friends.

Artists remixing include Spektre, Christian Smith, Weekend Heroes and Paul Thomas.

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