16 March 2011

Riktam and Bansi in surprise Constructor business

The word on everyone's lips has to be "Who would have thought so?" or "What the hell?" or something similar. Riktam and Bansi the pillion of psychedelic trance through their G.M.S. outfit, in a shock move, a 360o U-point turn. Betraying every hardcore psy trancers' ideals they present Constructor, a progressive trance album.

What might be even more surprising for many, is that Plastic Park records, the German label on the progressive front of trance music is stepping in and presenting this to the masses. 

Truly fascinating stuff, now let's see if music has no boundaries...


Placing them a little left of their comfortable corner Riktam and Bansi are not struggling. Whatever you think of them as artists, their productions are decent in what they do. The production in Constructor is crisp with relatively big basslines and catchy rhythms. Overall a well constructed effort with highlights in progressive house-like tune 'This Way Up'. Using a lot of the traditional house tricks this is a well put together effort. Things get deeper with The Mask, a blend of psytrance, trance and house. Going Strong, does exactly that in a similar fashion, well put together but not groundbreaking. And this is the tone for the whole album.

A convincing performance for the progressive trance fans, a blend of hard rhythm, soft kicks and sounds would be liked by many.

But then again, everyone will be thinking, why are Riktam and Bansi doing this? For the love of the music and pushing their personal limits, or simply opening up to a new market?

Would love to hear your thoughts on that.

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