06 September 2011

Mikey comes Good with new tunes

Mikey Good is a new up and coming DJ aiming to make it big in the competitive world of House and Electro music. With inspirations of becoming a big name, Mikey has uploaded several of his latest tracks to SoundCloud at Mikey Good. After a few listens to the Manhattan born DJ’s tracks it’s easy to see he has talent. The track Danza Palazzo stands out with it's progressive and acid house undertones and shuffled beats. A classic beat mixing elements of funk that are reminiscent of some of Daft Punks hits. The tune features a slow piano section mid way through, which makes it stand out from other similar tracks in the genre.

Mikey seems to have taken some inspiration from Swedish born Avicii. The DJ famous for producing the song “Seek Bromance” which listed on the UK singles charts and reached number 1 on the International Beatport chart. Mikey’s Danza Palazzo track has a similarity to Avicii’s Bromance with a mixture of slow and fast tempos and a hard electro beat. If you are a fan of Avicii we suggest you check Mickey out.

Mickey has a diverse selection of tracks with Afternoon Special sounding like something Lil Wayne would rap over. The other two songs on his sound cloud are remixes of M.I.A.’s Paper Planes and a classic Dusty Springfield track, which show the artists great diversity.

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