17 October 2009

Blue Tunes back with Amarasya Vol 4

Blue Tunes Recordings label founders Montagu & Golkonda present Amarasya Vol 4 in the end of 2009. They are dropping some big names into the mix and this is worth a listen.

Things kick off by Audiomatic & Phaxe in a very atmospheric and melodic 'Digital Technology'. Great production.
Veteran Sven Snug appears with an anthemic tune 'Your Eyes' bringing us back to the loved trance of the 90s. Well done and with a big production.
Symphonix deliver a hypnotic 'Orange' for those sweaty morning spots. Big  track. Next Suntree remix 'Cardiac Arrest' by Ace Ventura with their more upbeat and psychedelic style.

Aerospace might have only 'Simple Words' to say but with a massive baseline and some intense percussion this is the best in-your-face progressive trance music driving forward into the night. Best so far.
Kopel makes a 'Summer Splash' but fails to impress.
Sven Snug is back this time with Osher and they have a nice rhythm going along. Not many changes but it is the same winning formula of well chosen sounds and a clear production with depth.
RPO make a nice effort in remixing 'Trip Away' by Symphonix, it is a deeper bass and more repetitive affair but it works.
Trance maestros Haldolium make a surprise appearance with 'In The Wind' which stands out from the rest of the other music here. Not sure about this particular track.

Did you like as many tracks as we did?

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sama said...

Yup. I liked most of them, from the firt one to Pure. Symphonix I've already heard on another V.A. Not that good.

Great album!

Keep up posting Prog albums!