26 September 2009

Kaempfer & Dietze remixes with Shear Force

A noteworthy remix CD from of the successful tune Shear Force by German producers Kaempfer and Dietze from a variety of artists, all giving the song their own individual sonic flavour.

You can find some great tracks here but in no uncertainty the remix by Leif Hatfield stands out for it's force, depth and complex structure, strangely enough it is also the one closest to the original. Together with Jay Selway, they deliver the two strongest tracks for your collection. Jay Selway's version adds considerable depth with some more night-time sinister melodies that really have an impact.

C-Jay also delivers a very good morning progressive remix with all the elements for trance elevation on the dancefloor. It's not ground-breaking but the tried and tested formula works.

Last in this remix CD is the original Shear Force by Kaempfer and Dietze and the production here shines through. The track delivers on all levels with a classic Benny Benassi sweeping bass lead.
Other artists featured include R.P.O., Feuderhake and Mute.

Any favourites here?

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