19 March 2006

DJ Elias Tzikas Downloads Deep Records

Deep Records presents Elias Tzikas2010 Update: Since we wrote this post a long time ago in 2006, Elias Tzikas has had a stellar DJ career, releasing a number of tracks on Epsilon Trax, Elevation Recordings, Shayan Music as well as legendary Platipus. His tracks went on to be played by John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Satoshi Tomiie, Kosmas Epsilon, Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier, Trentemoller, Martinez, Matthew Dekay plus many more.

2006 Post:

Deep Records presents She's Scared EP from Elias Tzikas, a progressive trance artist from Thessaloniki, Greece.

The EP features three tracks with a minimalist but melodic approach that dominates the Greek progressive scene. The title track She's Scared stands out with its melodic textures and soft beat. Saved has a solid bass with the percussion and trance sounds melting on top. Early Grave (strange choice of title) is a chunky retro affair. The deep drive and dreamy melody dress this slow atmospheric builder.

Job well done, Elias. Looking forward to the next one!


Anonymous said...

Superb!!!!!! I really love his productions. Yesterday I heard a remix he did for Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul and it is completely madness!!! Watch out for him in the future, I think he is Italian.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments

Check me out at www.eliastzikas.com

Anonymous said...

italian? with name like Elias Tzikas?

he's greek!

Anonymous said...

I know that his is Greek