19 February 2006

Trance Inception

Groove Control records has released a progressive tech-trance compilation titled Inception.

Lots of fantastic tracks here, well written and properly built in true deep progressive fashion. Solid grooves Go Swiftly from Brisker and Magitman followed by Sharon and Robert's minimal atmospheric Desire.
A more percussive galloping Flame on Fire declare that Science is God with Pharam & Dominic Plaza going deeper, minimal and subliminal just Once.
After all that the Tone is set even darker by Snake Sedrick only to be confirmed by Shuma's Technology.
Brisker and Magitman return with a strong remix on a Andre Absolut track called ElevenT1.
But try to Hold On until the end because Groove Control save a great progressive anthem for the finish. Manuel Duego delivers a phat and phunky tune that fits anywhere, anytime.

If you like deep and minimal, this is the one!

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Trippy Visuals & Videos said...

That's an awesome cover don't you think? Makes me wanna find out more...