12 February 2006

Progressive Hibernation

Iboga is back in 2006 with Hibernation, a compilation CD with some of the usual but also very unusual suspects.

James Monro and Dickster kick off with a strong full rhythm Wash out. Yotopia keep things interesting enough with Newborn. Out of the Blue Morax takes things deeper psy-progressive followed by a minimal dry groove called R.I.S.E. by Ace Ventura. Pimpin hot and to the point.

The surprise here is a scandal collaboration between Anna Hefetz (Annarchy), Dick Trevor (Green Nuns of the Revolution) and George Barker (Slinky Wizard) titled Eargate.

A deep tribal number by Sun Control Species and a dirty progressive groove by Elegant Universe put an end to this CD compiled by Yuli Fershtat.

Iboga progs!

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