26 November 2005

Back from the future

Help me out here, but am I the only one that does not appreciate DJ Tsuyoshi's return to the past?

After an exciting start with Return to the Source and Prana and a long and eventful career with Joujouka in dancefloors and fashion-shows worldwide, Tsuyoshi's return to day one is another peculiar move from one of the godfathers of modern psychedelia.

Understandably, the road for the Japanese trance pioneer has not been an easy one since he broke off the psytrance scene in exploration of new sounds and forms.

With all respect due, the latest psy offering from Feedback recordings, Far East Psytrance League 2005, only goes to show that you shouldn't always listen to feedback.

From the noble path of limitless sonic exploration to the latest retro Tsuyoshi track Like P... his music is sitting miles apart. Stone heavy kick and full on guitar riffs that will remind you the early days of Delta vs G.M.S, remixed by Oforia and Tim Schouldt.

There is so much innovation in this track as there is sugar in a lemon.
Acid and sour!

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