07 August 2005


"What's in a name? Neo-full-on is the new vibe bubbling in the gulf between progressive trance and the slower, less-saturated side of full-on psychedelic. Or is it actually the frothy crest of a new wave in progressive? At the moment, there's not much of it out there, so it's difficult to tell. But if the name helps people get over the general knee-jerk rejection against "progressive," then all the better. And why not? This part of the electronica shore has been virtually abandoned since the turn of the century, when full-on artists moved up the beach in pursuit of higher speed, fidelity and musical kicks."

I found this in Japan Times. Are people really that scared about calling progressive trance music what it is? Progressive that is. Is the word progressive that scary? Possibly so, for all those who love to hang on to the past...

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